No-Cost Halloween Craft for Kids!

So, I was looking for some fun crafts to do with my daughter for the upcoming fall season that would be little to no cost, and I found this cute idea from LizzeJaneBaby. They are paint chip Halloween crafts and looked super cute to do, so I packed up my children and we headed to Home Depot. We decided on the pumpkin and Frankenstein for the day, and  needed green and orange paint chips for the bodies, and black paint chips for the eyes, nose and mouth. For the white parts, I just used the backs of the black chips. Add some scissors for cutting (not pictured because my daughter has a propensity for grabbing them and trying to cut her hair) and glue sticks and we’re all set!

halloween craft 1

Cutting everything up was the most time consuming part. Poor kid was so excited to craft she barely made it through the wait! After I had cut out all the little accent pieces, we were ready to get started. She wanted to do the pumpkin first.

halloween craft 2

I made mine pretty straightforward. Hers was a little more abstract, but a great pumpkin nonetheless! She thought a top-of-the-head display was necessary for maximum effect.

halloween craft 3

The Frankenstein head was a little more involved, but it also left more room for creative liberty. This craft in particular, out of all the ones we’ve done so far, has been my favorite. I think back to a few months ago when we did our Easter crafts, how she would just glue things here and there without much thought, and now, watching her precisely select where each piece needed to go, and deliberately make the best face she could, makes me realize how very much she has grown in those few short months.

halloween craft 4

And again with the head display!

halloween craft 5

And of course, her “monster face” to go along with her crafts!

halloween craft 6

We’ll be putting these up around the house soon, and will beworking on more fall crafts in the meantime, so stay tuned! If you liked this craft, pin it and share it with your friends!

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